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Please give us a call at 410-335-7622 for the latest rates and specials!

2015 Pricing Sheet 

Walk on play: $25/player

(includes admission, rental equipment, facemask) 

Own equipment: $60/player (inc. 1 case of paint)

     $45/player (inc. 1/2 case of paint)


*Current Paintball Prices**

Paintballs          $5/100 rds

   $20/bag                (500)

   $35/half case      (1000)

   $60/full case       (2000)

High end paintballs add $5

Batteries:   $3 / 4 AAA

  $4 / 9 volt

All onsite play includes unlimited airfills.

Airfill fees: $3 / 9oz       $4 / 12oz        $5 / 20+oz

Comp air @ $1 / 1000 psi 

Route 40 Paintball 2015 Group/Private Party Prices 

*Minimum 10 players and an advance deposit required*

Traditional Paintball: 

All players must be 10 years of age or older & must have a fully executed waiver. Players under 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

$20/Player (includes paintball gun w/ airtank, unlimited airfills, facemask and 100 paintballs to begin play)

Low Impact Paintball:

All players must be 8 years of age or older & have a fully executed waiver. Players under 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

$15/player (includes low impact gun, helmet or goggles, chest protector)

$25/1000 rounds 50cal paintballs

Mid-Week Special Event Pricing:

Reservation Required**

2 hour special $400- up to 20 players with 3 cases of paintballs

3 hour special $500- up to 20 players (additional $25 per extra players) with 3 cases of paintballs

Includes rental equipment, safety equipment, and rental gun. Additional cases of paintballs are $50


Fill out a waiver form and bring it with you to save time at registration.

If after reading through our web page, you have any questions about PAINTBALL or playing at Route 40 Paintball Park, please call us at (410) 335-7622 and we will be happy to answer them. Player(s)/Groups requiring special accomodations under the ADA are asked to notify the field two(2) weeks in advance.

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Contact: 410-335-7622
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